What to wear with a 2021 denim jacket? 100 fashionable images in the photo

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What to wear with a 2021 denim jacket? 100 fashionable images in the photo

What can I wear with a denim jacket?

The first denim jacket was made and patented by Levi Strauss in 1905. For 70 years it has been the garment for cowboys, railroad workers and miners. In America, there was even a rule: it is forbidden to enter a good hotel and restaurant in jeans. Now this thing should be in the wardrobe of every fashionista, but most women still do not know what to wear with a denim jacket. The tips from this article will help you to understand fashionable styles and create stylish images.

Fashion options

Before moving on to how to combine a women’s denim jacket, let’s figure out which of her models will be relevant in the upcoming fashion season.

Patchwork: patchwork clothing

Many people treat patchwork with caution, fearing that clothes made using this technique will make them look like a gypsy woman or a theater actress. Perhaps this can happen in things made of bright fabrics with different patterns. But this definitely will not happen with a denim jacket using the patchwork technique. The combination of denim patches of different shades, even diluted with inserts from a different fabric, will look expensive and stylish.

Long jeans or raincoat

The elongated version of the denim jacket looks unusual and elegant. Such a wardrobe item can replace a raincoat, cardigan or vest in the off-season. Stylists advise to give preference to more fitted models of long jackets, which will allow to stretch the silhouette, making the woman visually taller.

fashion jeans 2021

It should be combined with tight-fitting things: a dress, a turtleneck, shorts or trousers. A beautiful bow will work with skinny jeans. They can be exactly the same color as jeans or be darker. Miniature young ladies of short stature can complement their image with shoes with heels, and those with tall stature – sports shoes without heels.

long models

stylish look with denim

Volumetric shortened models

On summer evenings, when you want to cover your shoulders under the cool breeze, cropped models will come to the rescue. With this denim, you can create fashionable bows in a variety of styles. For example, for a romantic look, you can wear a sundress or dress made of light flowing fabric or lace, complementing it with low-cut sandals or heels. For a sports ensemble, t-shirts, graduation shirts, leggings and skinny shoes are suitable in combination with sports shoes.

cropped jacket

An important point! In any case, the image should not be overloaded with details and embellishments; there should be a slight negligence in it.

Ripped jeans

Torn patterns are very popular among young people. Torn, uneven edges with threads sticking out of them, imitating the deterioration of the thing, can be along the edge of the cuffs, collar, sleeves, bottom of the product or over the entire surface. Additionally, this jeans can be trimmed with eyelets and studs, especially in grunge and rock looks.

With various decorative elements

Those who like to give their things uniqueness and individuality often decorate a laconic denim jacket with various decorative elements. Similar jeans can be found in stores.

As a decor can be used:

  • appliques and inserts made of leather, lace, knitwear, tulle, guipure and other textured materials;
  • embroidery with ribbons, rhinestones, sequins, pearls, beads and floss (satin stitch or cross stitch);
  • stripes – it can be one large or several small elements that can be located on the back, chest or sleeves;
  • a large drawing in the back area – this can be a portrait of a famous person, an image of an animal, a comic or cartoon character, an inscription, a logo of a famous brand or an ethnic ornament.

Depending on the chosen jewelry with a denim jacket, you can create a variety of looks from daring to gentle romantic.

Boyfriend oversized models

An oversized mid-length women’s denim jacket, as if taken off by a girl from her boyfriend, can be called a basic item in any wardrobe (regardless of its overall concept and style). This thing is comfortable, comfortable and will suit any type of figure. The only caveat: petite young ladies can combine a voluminous model with the same boyfriend jeans, and girls with shapes will have to choose one thing.

An important point! Oversized is not just things that are several sizes larger, only individual parts (shelves, back and sleeves) are enlarged in them. Thanks to this, additional volume is created, but there is no feeling that the thing is large.

With a boyfriend-style denim, it’s easy to create a casual, stylish look by simply wearing jeans or pants underneath with a tank top or tee. Absolutely any footwear is suitable for such an image – from sneakers to pumps or sandals with heels.

What to wear with a denim jacket

It is difficult to find a more versatile and fashionable item, a women’s denim jacket. It can be fit into any style and can be combined with a wide variety of things. So, on the bottom you can wear trousers, capri pants, jeans, shorts, skirts of different styles and lengths. Top – romantic or classic blouses, shirts, T-shirts, T-shirts, turtlenecks. At the same time, a denim jacket can be worn over a dress or sundress.

When choosing shoes, fashionistas can also not limit themselves in anything. Sneakers, boots, boots, shoes, sandals and sandals with low heels and heels of different heights will be harmoniously combined with this wardrobe item.

Jeans are also versatile in that they can be combined with different colors and prints: polka dots, stripes, checks, floral and ethnic ornaments. Let’s take a closer look at how to wear a denim jacket, creating looks in different styles.


Boho combines elements of different styles (hippie, gypsy, ethnic, grunge). It is characterized by a combination of incompatible, first of all, the outfit should be comfortable. When composing an image in a bohemian style, you should choose a denim jacket with various decorations, for example, embroidery, ornaments, beads. Ideally, a denim jacket should sit loosely (oversized), because comfort is important for boho.


This simple rustic (“country” in translation from English means village) style is distinguished by the simplicity and convenience of things, the use of natural fabrics, things from which will serve their mistress faithfully for more than one season.

The most popular country look is a check flannel shirt, jeans and a fringed suede jacket. But the classic denim jacket also came to the wardrobe of modern fashionistas from the country wardrobe, so it will perfectly complement modern country-style outfits.

In addition to classic models, things with a small laconic decor, for example, ethnic patterns or decorated with beads or pearls, will also fit into the general concept.


The grunge style is a rebellious protest against luxury, glamor and aesthetic norms, which is characterized by a disdain for one’s own appearance, and clothing is perceived as something meaningless, intended only to hide nudity.

A typical outfit in this style can consist of an elongated black T-shirt with a print, a plaid skirt, rough boots or sneakers and black tights, always complemented by jeans. What should be a fashionable denim jacket that matches the anti-glamor trend? For her, a straight cut or an oversized style is required, scuffs are welcome, and from jewelry – metal rivets, eyelets and spikes.

Romantic style

The romantic style is characterized by the use of light flowing fabrics, an abundance of ruffles and draperies, and asymmetry. The main outfit of fashionistas who prefer romance is a variety of dresses that can be perfectly complemented with a denim jacket.

Short dresses and skirts, as well as midi lengths, should be worn with a cropped fitted denim jacket. Popular floor-length dresses can be combined with both short fitted and voluminous models of different lengths. It can be either a laconic denim jacket without trimming, or a thing with an interesting cut or decorated with embroidery, romantic lace, pearls.

Sport chic style

This style can be described in two words – comfort and beauty, which are achieved by the introduction of sports items even in evening dresses. This approach makes the denim jacket the perfect companion for sport-chic devotees.

To create a casual look, it is enough to put on an oversized oversized denim jacket over relaxed trousers that do not hinder movement and a T-shirt or shirt. If you also put on comfortable sneakers, then in such an outfit the fashionista will be able to catch every scheduled meeting and finish all the work.


Casual is also called “elegant everyday”. It is characterized by ease and practicality on the one hand, and stylish and interesting images on the other. This is achieved through simple silhouettes, quality fabrics and due attention to accessories and details.

A denim jacket for making stylish everyday outfits can be of different lengths, but it is always quite voluminous, providing the necessary comfort on the move. The second point: it should not be overloaded with decor. In casual style, ethnic motives or ruffles are not appropriate, but slight abrasions are acceptable.

Examples of stylish looks

You can listen for a long time about how to wear a denim jacket in order to look fashionable and modern, but in this case it is better to see once than hear a hundred times, therefore, in the end, he suggests viewing a selection of fashionable images. Any of them will not be difficult at all to repeat in everyday life.

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