What to wear with a denim jacket

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What to wear with a denim jacket

What to wear with a denim jacket

A denim jacket is a great addition to a casual look. It gives a slight casualness and, depending on the style, stylistically reveals the idea of ​​the set. Whether it’s saucy grunge or romantic boho, the right jeans will show you exactly what you wanted to say with your look today. A denim jacket will not only emphasize the character and personal style of its owner, but also will not let you freeze in the changeable Russian weather. To our mothers and grandmothers to the delight. By the way, about mothers and grandmothers! A denim jacket can be worn at any age. Ladies of an elegant age should not neglect this wardrobe item. Everything in it is good, the only open question is: with what to combine it?

How to wear a denim jacket for women

How to wear a women’s denim jacket

A denim jacket is combined with almost all elements of a woman’s wardrobe, but the style and style of clothing are important. This does not mean that you cannot wear classic trousers with an arrow or an evening dress to the floor with a denim jacket. It is possible, but on condition that shoes and accessories will come to the rescue. So, in the first case, white sneakers and a compact backpack will help to balance the set, and in the second – rough biker boots and a belt bag. But, this is the top stylistic league. Let’s not complicate things, but consider what models a women’s denim jacket will always make a harmonious duet with.

How to wear a denim jacket 2021


Pleated midi skirts are in trend again, which in turn go well with denim jackets. With sneakers – for a walk or shopping, with sandals with heels – for a date. A denim or corduroy pencil skirt is a great option for an early fall or cool summer evening. A daring mini is best combined with an oversized denim jacket and sneakers.

Pleated skirt with denim jacket

Skirt with denim jacket

Between a skirt and a denim, there can be a laconic top, bodysuit or T-shirt. For cool weather – a shirt, hoodie, jumper or turtleneck. Monochromatic things of a contrasting color, or clothes with a readable print (polka dots, stripes, zigzag) or an inscription look advantageous under the jacket.

Jeans with a skirt

Black Skirt and Denim Jacket looks


Cropped trousers such as slacks or chinos + white sneakers or loafers + plain T-shirt and of course jeans = smart casual classic. This is the same intellectual fashion that has not been super relevant for the last few seasons, but it can be easily transformed into a personal style. Add accessories, experiment, show your real self.

Pants with denim jacket

Culottes are practically a midi skirt. For those who, for some reason, do not like to wear skirts, culottes are the very feminine version of trousers. Summer lightweight, or made of dense suit fabric, these trousers will make an excellent batch of a denim jacket.

Culottes with a denim jacket

Cycling shorts are a weird fancy flashback. Can be worn with an elongated denim jacket or … not worn at all.

Cycling shorts and jeans


Any jeans are the perfect pair of jeans. Skinny, classic straight, bell bottom, denim culottes, mom’s jeans, dad’s, anyone’s! In this case, the shades of denim do not have to match. Choose shoes based on your jeans model. Sloaches and boyfriends are better to wear with heels, they “ground” the female figure too much. Skinny and straight can be worn with flat ankle boots like chelsea sneakers or sneakers.

Denim with jeans

Denim with blue jeans

Jeans with a denim jacket

How to wear an oversized denim jacket

Bulky jeans are a little brutal, but meanwhile, it turns its owner into a fragile, touching, but impudent girl from the harsh nineties. Oversized suits any body type. It works like a magic tool: it gives the lacking volume to thin ones and visually slims the strong ones.

How to wear an oversized denim jacket

How to wear an oversized denim jacket for women

An ideal set with oversized jeans for walking – cropped jeans or trousers, a basic T-shirt and sandals with a small square heel or sneakers. To create a relaxed and romantic look, replace jeans and a T-shirt with a light boho-chic dress, complement the bow with a hat. If you prefer a business style, choose a white shirt in a masculine style, a pencil skirt and stiletto heels.

How to wear an oversized denim jacket for women

Another stylish casual outfit with an oversized denim jacket for a meeting with friends is skinny white jeans, a vest and … red lipstick. Well, yes, a la French. Heeled shoes or comfortable sneakers – you choose.

How to wear a short denim jacket

Short jeans can be combined with summer dresses to the floor and light trousers, also full length. It is important to observe the proportions and not “cut” the figure with a large number of contours. The cropped jacket goes well with items at the high waist. Skinny black trousers and matching heels, in this configuration, will make your legs infinitely long. A monochrome set will also look more advantageous than a bright T-shirt or shirt + pants or a skirt in a contrasting color. You can wear a jumpsuit under a cropped jacket without a well-defined waistline.

How to wear a short denim jacket

Short denim jacket for women with what to wear

How to wear an elongated denim jacket

Elongated jeans are versatile and practical. Perfect for a casual look. It goes well with basic things – top, turtleneck, skinny or straight jeans or trousers. With a dress and skirt, there is a risk of making a mistake with the proportions and visually shortening the legs. A midi, just below the knees or a mini, is a little shorter than the jacket, but you always need to consider the length and style of the jacket.

How to wear an elongated denim jacketThe long denim jacket, unlike the previous version, is less popular. And in vain, it is perfectly combined with denim overalls, catchy tops and tight-fitting trousers, light T-shirts and jeans.

How to wear a long denim jacket

Colored jeans

Many people hesitate to buy a colored jeans because they do not know what to wear with it. There is nothing to be afraid of, everything is simple! The color of the jacket may well not overlap with the general gamut of the image and serve as an accent. Or vice versa, maintain the kit by shade.

White denim jacket

A great option for a date, a walk or an informal meeting at work. It can be easily combined with all colors and shades, but looks best in a black and white set or in a powdery pastel outfit.How to wear a white denim jacketWomen's white denim jacket with what to wear

Pink denim jacket

A delicate and romantic shade that is extremely versatile and perfect for spring and summer. It is better not to overload a set with a pink denim jacket with bright active colors. Blue, white, beige, black are the perfect match for both soft salmon and wild fuchsia.
How to wear a pink denim jacket

How to wear a pink denim jacket


Red denim jacket – bright, bold and very stylish. OIt goes well with basic colors: white, black, beige, gray. Or you can take an example from street style stars and wear it with red jeans.

How to wear a red denim jacket


For the perfect grunge look, a black denim jacket comes in handy. To complete the set, you will need tight leather pants or a skirt, a hoodie and rough boots.

How to wear a black denim jacket


A yellow jacket is a stylish accent to any basic set: jeans, trousers, skirt + plain top, T-shirt or turtleneck.

How to wear a yellow denim jacket

What to wear with a denim jacket in summer

Summer is the time of year when you can afford distressed, ripped jeans and jackets with raw edges and other casual grunge elements. What to combine jeans with in summer?


The perfect summer boho look. A light flying dress in polka dots, a Vichy check or a floral print and comfortable sneakers or trainers. Bright plain, lace white and black dresses also look great.

Dress with denim jacket

Black dress with denim jacket

White dress with denim jacket


Summer classic – denim shorts, T-shirt and comfortable shoes. Shorts may well be not denim, but linen or cotton, and shoes with heels or wedges.

Denim jacket with shorts

Shorts with a denim jacket for a girl


And a summer lightweight romper, an evening classic jumpsuit, and a casual denim look great with a jacket. A great option for a fresh August evening.

Jumpsuit with denim jacket

Let’s summarize. It turns out that the denim jacket matches most of the wardrobe. Therefore, do not be afraid, mix, experiment!

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