White hair: what foods to limit their appearance?

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White hair: what foods to limit their appearance?

White hair often appears around the age of thirty, but according to people, they can point the tip of their nose sooner or later. This is due to several factors: genetic, the stress, the emotional shocks or a bad lifestyle and therefore the diet. Here are the food groups to focus on for healthy hair.

1 / Proteins

That they are of origin animal or vegetable, proteins play a key role in welfare hair. We must focus on white meats, fatty fish, legumes or even eggs.

2 / Vitamins

The vitamins A, C and E are essential for helping cells to renew themselves and they make hair stronger. They can be found in fruits and the vegetables such as citrus fruits, carrots, green vegetables, pumpkins ... You have a choice!

3 / Oilseeds and pulses

They are good for the health of the hair. The oleaginous like hazelnuts, almonds, nuts ... They are full of vitamins and minerals, very important for develops well. They also bring a good dose of zinc, a component that can synthesize the keratin, a protein that makes up 97% of the hair fiber. The zinc helps keep the hair strong, stronger and delays aging. As for legumes, some like lentils, are very interesting, especially because of their iron. This last allows in particular to grow well the hair.

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