White shirt: 5 ways to adopt it with style (our advice and all the news)

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White shirt: 5 ways to adopt it with style (our advice and all the news)

Symbol of elegance, the white shirt is the must have who has managed to make a royal place in your dressing room. And for good reason, by his side chic but at the same time cool, this indispensable mode is your best ally for a stylish and efficient look. In seasoned fashionist that you are, we give you the mission to get out of the traditional assembly of the white shirt with the classic trousers right and the very classy blazer jacket. Because contrary to what you can think, this piece is a true chameleon that will meet all your fashion wishes. The proof with our five outfit ideas that will change from the set to the mind working-girl.

For a sportswear look in a white shirt

Who said that the white shirt should always be taken seriously? When we want to play it sporty-chic, this must have knows very well adapt to the desires of stylish look perfect for chiller. Therefore, opt for a shirt a little loose that you will have taken the time to go up to the level of the end of the sleeves. Then put on your jean mom sidebands (star of the season) that you have taken care to roll up in the bottom for a more modern effect. A pair of sneakers or shoes square heels, and voila !

And if it's a little cool, why not adapt this look with the big trend layering from the moment ? You can have fun wearing a sweatunder which will exceed one XXL shirt. Finally, if you choose a cool look, a T-shirt underneath your open shirt will do the trick.


For a chic look in a white shirt

Without any hesitation, we leave thepencil skirt ! With a white shirt, perfectly cut and returned to the skirt, you will turn heads. An ideal outfit idea for a party or a date. And for a small effect at a time sexy and sophisticated, the shirt is slightly open. A good opportunity to show a pretty lace caracco. As much to play the card of the femme fatale to the end while putting on your stilettos. Be careful not to be dizzy!

For a rock'n glam look in a white shirt

The white shirt is the perfect piece to have fun and create offbeat looks. Because behind the wise moderator, hides a real rebel. Grant your high waist trapeze skirt or your pants in leather imitation with your main room. Of course, you will not go out without the inevitable perfecto style jacket. And if you want a little more fashion, unbutton your shirt slightly to give a glamorous note to your ensemble. Finally at the shoe department, do not be shy and dare studded boots. What you give the air of a certain Kate Moss. Not bad is not it ?


For a casual look in a white shirt

When the good weather arrives, it is always nice to take out his very light white shirt. In order to accompany him, what better than midi skirt pleated or floral print big trend of this year 2019? A nice pair of sneakers will complete this perfect outfit by bringing a cool spirit. And to bring a chic touch to this laid-back ensemble, you can always subtly discover one of your shoulders. Temperatures are not yet more lenient, put on your timeless Jean jacket to bring the final touch to this chic and casual.

For a bohemian look in a white shirt

Fluid and vaporous, the white shirt can also take the fashion folds of the years seventies. A piece then becomes indispensable to obtain a bohemian and retro look wish: theflare pants. Denim, corduroy or plain knit, it is ideal to accompany the white shirt and dive back into the Woodstock years. In order not to make a faux-pas fashion, put on a pair of pointed toe boots. Finally, nothing prevents you from becoming the Brigitte Bardot or Jane Birkin of modern times. For this, nothing better than tie your white shirt into a big knot at the level of your height. Effect bohemian-chic insured!


Fashion is also a question of originality and risk taking. For the the most daring modeuses of you, here is a little bonus look. It is not forbidden to wear alone (and only alone) the mythical white shirt. From then on, you can get lost in your darling's wardrobe and borrow it from him. Two basic rules come into play: choose enough oversized so that it can fall just above your knees. Finally, choose it cut well so that it marries your silhouette perfectly. In order to play on the male-female lookyou can add a thin belt to emphasize your pretty size. To continue in the lineage, opt for a pair ofwhite basket or if you prefer a quirky and bohemian ensemble, put on your pair of Marlboro. So will you be bold enough to try the whole thing? It's your turn !

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