Why blue shampoo is the new beauty asset of brunettes

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Why blue shampoo is the new beauty asset of brunettes

Brown hair, with its dark and generally thick appearance, gives the impression of having a color that does not require any maintenance. However, the hair in general is made the same way for everyone. So, at a brunette's he suffers so much from everyday life than in a blonde. The latter have everything at hand to keep their color at the top for as long as possible thanks to the purple shampoo. This miracle product acts as a color booster for each shampoo thanks to the cold shades of violet that counter the yellow to green hues of a bleaching blond.

For their part, the brown colorations had very little choice to take care of their color. Result? It happened too often that this color, is lost under orange reflections of the worst taste because of the oxidation. To avoid this disaster, it is now customary to use the blue shampoo. The same one sometimes used for blondes! You have to know that blue is the complementary color of orange on the color wheel. Blue neutralizes unwanted red highlights and restores warmth and shine to the starting brown. This shampoo is a care and should not be used with each wash but at least once a month, history of give a boost to color when it really starts to fade.

Our selection of blue shampoos:

  • Color Balance Shampoo, Joico
  • Total result shampoo blue, Matrix
  • Terre Bleu, Mulato repigmenting shampoo
  • Blue shampoo, Fanola

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