Why do you become presbyopic as you get older?

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Why do you become presbyopic as you get older?

What is presbyopia exactly?

Small etymology point: in Greek, "presbys" means "old man" or "old" while the suffix "-tie" refers to the view. Presbyopia is a vision disorder that develops in the elderly ... and is inevitable!

" To understand the presbyopia, we must first explain the functioning of the eyesays Véronique Morin, orthoptist, optometrist and optician. The eye is at rest when it looks away: in near vision, it is obliged to provide a effort, like a camera. It is accommodation: a small lens called the crystalline lens (located behind the iris, the colored part of the eye), is deformed so that we can see clearly. "

The problem is that the crystalline hardens little by little - and it starts from birth! Mechanically, with the progression of age, it is less and less able to deform. And around 45-50 years, the lens is no longer able to provide the effort needed to ensure a clear vision at 35-40 centimeters.

" We talk about an accommodative lack: with age, we see less and less clearly, less and less close: it is a natural phenomenon that is unavoidable "the specialist analyzes.

To know : presbyopia may appear earlier in people with farsightedness.

I am presbyopic: what treatments for me?

We can suspect a beginning of presbyopia when the following symptoms appear:

  • You need to move the book (or the newspaper, or the smartphone ...) to read it,
  • You have trouble deciphering labels in stores,
  • You feel the need to brighten what you are watching closely.

" Presbyopia is corrected by bringing to the eye the power it lacks to provide a clean and comfortable near-vision: it can go through glasses or by lentilsexplains Véronique Morin. In all cases, the first prescription must be made by an ophthalmologist: it can then be renewed at the doctor's office.optician. "

To know : in case of presbyopia, it may be necessary to have several pairs of glasses, adapted to different distances - a pair to read, a pair to watch television, a pair to drive ...

" There are now progressive lenses, both on glasses and on lenses, however, advises the specialist: these lenses automatically adapt to the distance at which you look to provide a clear view in all circumstances. "Ask your ophthalmologist or your optician for advice!

And the surgery? " Presbyopia is corrected very badly by surgery because it is not a vision disorder stable in time: it would be necessary to re-operate periodically, it is not ideal. "In short, we put more on glasses ...

Thanks to Véronique Morin, Orthoptist, Optometrist and Optician, Training Manager for theNational Association for the Improvement of the Vision (ASNAV).

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