Why do you cut your hair at every great event of our lives?

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Why do you cut your hair at every great event of our lives?

Women and hair, a special relationship

Women have always had a special relationship with their hair. Rémi Portrait, hairdresser and author of Your hair says everything about you, Explain : "the hair do not die, they survive us and carry our DNA, that's why they are so important. And for the woman, even more: the hairstyle she wears says everything about her, she reveals her identity, who she is, what message she wants to send back to society".

A liberating chisel

At 27, Audrey has experienced several periods of unemployment. And at the end of each contract, she had the same reflex: "I went to the hairdresser. If I have never changed radically, I was releasing a good fifteen centimeters, and went from a long cut to a square cutas if to start from scratch. It gave me the impression of having a new momentum to relaunch me in job searches!"

One way to turn the page, says Rémi Portrait: "cut his hair often means cut with something from his old life. When Lady Diana divorced Prince Charles, the first thing she did was to shorten her square".

For Eleonore, 33, her break was the trigger: "after 3 years of a relationship that went wrong, I ended up leaving my boyfriend. The next day, I went to the hairdresser to cut my long hair and curly shoulders, I was doing a long-lasting smoothing and I opted for a fringe. My friends did not recognize me, and that's what I liked. I had the impression to find myself, ME reappropriate by physically metamorphosing me. And my confidence in me has been boosted!"

A new head for a new identity

A visit to the hairdresser that can also occur after a happy event, such as a delivery or a promotion, adds our expert. "It is not easy to resume a normal life after giving birth to a child. The new mother often wants to give another image of oneself. The mirror must reflect this new image".

Sarah, 29, wanted a square a few weeks after the birth of her first child: "after having given birth and relieved myself of my extra kilos, my new mom's life deserved a new haircut. A square blur and one sun effect for the color, in perfect harmony with what I lived!"

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