Why does my polish not hold?

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Why does my polish not hold?

When it is well applied, a varnish can hold on average 7 to 10 days. But it's not always the case. Boris Gratini, co-founder of the Nailmatic biosourced nail polish brand, takes stock of the classic mistakes that prevent the polish from holding.

1 / Forgetting to wash your hands

When you are in a hurry, sometimes you apply your nail polish without washing your hands beforehand. Big mistake according to Boris Gratini. "Do not let your nails be too oily or oily, otherwise the nail polish will be less likely to adhere to the nail." explains the co-founder of Nailmatic. Wash your hands with Marseille soapthen dry them well and ... that's all. Do not add anything else, no hand cream or even oil.

2 / Apply thick layers

When applying your nail polish, it is best to apply several layers. Especially when you choose pastel colors. We can put a base of colorless and protective hook, on which we will fix the color. Then two coats of varnish and another of top coat at the end. "Beware of thick layers, it will slow down the drying time, Boris Gratin warns. On the contrary, it must remain light in the application. "

3 / Skip the top coat

The top coat is mandatory if you want your varnish to withstand shocks. "At Nailmatic, our varnishes are biobased so the nails can be in direct contact with", ensures Boris Gratini.

4 / Zap the drying time

There is sometimes a tendency to ship the drying time. " Check gently with your finger if it's dry on the sides before moving on to the next layer, Boris Gratini advises. Once finished, pay attention to the slightest sudden gestureAvoid going shopping for things in the bag or going to bed, slip your hand under the pillow. "

5 / Evidently close his bottle

A varnish does not like the air and if you put it back badly, you will thicken the formulaor even dry it. "Also remove the surplus on the collar of the bottle who can play on the effectiveness of the joint, adds Boris Gratini. Too late ? "Instead of putting solvent that can alter the composition and therefore the performance of the varnish, put a drop of special diluent to thin," recommends Boris Gratini.

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