Why has lip contouring become fashionable?

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Why has lip contouring become fashionable?

Natural beauty will always be in trend, but who has never thought about changing their natural features a little? Many girls find the idea of ​​lip augmentation or changing their shape tempting. This is understandable – in many cases, plump lips really look more harmonious.

In addition, there is no need to dramatically increase their volume – sometimes it is enough to slightly correct the shape of the lower or upper lip to make the facial features more harmonious. Such procedures are often sought after by those who want to correct mild asymmetries or to reduce the disproportionately large distance from the upper lip to the nose.

What are lip augmentation procedures?

Modern cosmetology offers several ways to correct the shape of the lips. After consultation, patients are offered the method that best suits their needs and will be the safest.

Also, when choosing a suitable intervention, the patient’s health condition and wishes for the effect are taken into account – some procedures are suitable for light and selective shape correction, and some are used to enlarge the lip along its entire length.

The most popular lip augmentation and reshaping methods:

  1. Surgical intervention. It is carried out in three ways: the Kisselring operation, bulhorn and VY. All surgical methods are performed under local anesthesia and are based on an increase in the red border due to incisions in the mucous membrane, followed by suturing.
  2. Threadlifting, or thread augmentation. The method is based on absorbable threads that stimulate collagen production along their framework, increasing the volume of the area under the skin where they were injected. The effect of this procedure lasts up to several years. Often threadlifting is combined with contouring.
  3. Contour correction with hyaluronic acid filler. During the procedure, hyaluronic gel is injected into the mucous membrane. Hyaluronic acid has the ability to retain moisture and thus maintain the moisture balance of the skin, adding healthy volume to the lips. The filler lifts the corners of the lips, thereby smoothing out the small wrinkles around them. The introduction of hyaluronic gel allows you to increase the volume without disturbing the proportions of the face.

The effect of the procedure for administering the hyaluronic acid preparation lasts from several months to several years, and the filler itself does not cause discomfort in the patient, while maintaining the naturalness of the image. The choice of a suitable procedure is carried out in consultation with a specialist, and preference is given to the safest and most appropriate intervention.

Why is contouring the most popular lip augmentation method?

The popularity of filler injection is easy to explain. This procedure is quicker, less invasive than surgery, and recovery is faster and easier.

In addition, the introduction of fillers does not have a large number of contraindications and is suitable for most patients. The main contraindications are infectious diseases in the active phase, pregnancy and diabetes mellitus. The effect of the contouring procedure is reversible, so there is always an opportunity to painlessly remove the filler if you no longer like the new volume or shape. Surgical operation has a permanent and irreversible effect, while threadlifting retains its effect for a long time without the possibility of returning everything to its previous state.

Contouring with hyaluronic filler is considered the safest and most painless lip augmentation procedure. It does not take much time, has a low risk of complications and has a persistent but reversible effect.

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