Winter fashion: the 10 must-have pieces of the moment to have in your closet

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Winter fashion: the 10 must-have pieces of the moment to have in your closet

We could talk about the leopard print, the suit jacket, the man's suit, the banana bag, all very present in the shops at the moment. But we prefer to focus on essential clothing and accessories in the middle of winter ... and on the colors and prints that will go on in the coming months.

What are the 10 trendy pieces of winter 2019?

1 - One puffy jacket : impossible to spend the winter without her. It is the star of the season: previously confined to the ski slopes, the jacket has been on the pavement for over 10 years. And was incredibly feminized making forget the annoying effect "bibendum". To wear it in the city and the office, nothing better than a model a little long and rather sober (let the printed models for the looks of the weekend or holidays) as we find full in the collections of the Japanese brand Uniqlo, a real reference on this subject!
2 - One fluffy coat: this is THE trend coat of winter 2019. Its success is dazzling. It's simple: just 3 months ago, we did not even know about the word "fluffy". Literally, it could be translated as "sweet", "fluffy" or "sparkling". To put it simply, we call fluffy all the coats with the appearance of waists and loops that have invaded the collections and tell the bad language that we wear a teddy bear! To tame it, we respect the rules of balance: too much concentrated volume in the upper body calls slims or skirts pencils down. It can also be fun to surround it.

3: Effect trousers leather: after the success of the leather skirt Meghan Markle, it is the turn of leather pants (or faux leather) to win in our closets. We love it for its side immediately "wow" on the border of rock and sexy. To assuage it, it is combined with big sweaters or ... a fluffy coat.
4 - One dress chasuble : We love his junior side and sixties at a time. On the other hand, we like the difficulty of wearing it everyday. To dare to the office and remain believable with, add him a nice jacket tailor and give him a last touch of chic with a pair of derbies in the masculine style.
5 - A garment coral color : Pantone has elected the "Living Coral" color of the year 2019. We take a step ahead of trends by adopting this sunny hue this winter. It's just as easy as a coral sweater or shirt to brighten up a black skirt or add color to a full denim look.
6 - A pair of mountain boots In September, the trend of hiking boots in the city had already surprised us. Rebelote this winter with the new mountain boots, which surf the success of UGG-style boots. To adopt them easily, it is expected that temperatures tumble down and we assume then fully by associating with women's clothes (skirts, dresses or shorts) to reveal his legs ... warm legs stash behind tights.
7 - A striped print After the peas and the leopard, this is the reason that will take over in the next few months. The spring-summer 2019 collections are overflowing. So, before taking out the marinières in the spring, we go back to the stripes by immediately adopting the printed banker fashion: skirt, pants, jacket, you're spoiled for choice.
8 - A puff sleeve sweater : it's the detail that changes the style of our big sweaters. In 2018, there was only for the collars amounts and graphic prints, in 2019, sleeves rebel and gain volume. Pretty and impressive, they are reproached only their volume XXL under the arms, not easy, easy to hide under our coats. So sweater with balloon sleeves = oversized coat!
9 - A cardigan : it replaces the shirt, much too light to withstand winter temperatures. Behind its obsolete side that reminds us of our grandmothers, we completely fall for its ultra feminine effect from the moment we wear it to the skin - especially if it is a slightly openwork cardigan.
10 - A corduroy jumpsuit : more elegant than the denim overalls and easier than the tuxedo overall, we're wearing the jumpsuit in one of the season's key fabrics, corduroy. Hot and cool, she dresses us in the blink of an eye. Only obligation: it is imperatively added accessories colorful and chic that will give the dog to the outfit.

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