"Without parabens", "without sulfate" … Discover why these mentions will disappear from cosmetics labels

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"Without parabens", "without sulfate" ... Discover why these mentions will disappear from cosmetics labels

More clarity for the consumer. Here is the purpose of this new regulations of the European Commission on Cosmetic Products, which enters into force Monday, July 1st, 2019.

The mention the reference "Without" on the label of a product can be a indicator which wants to be transparent with the consumer. But sometimes this claim is used to misdirected Some products mention, for example, the absence of sulphates, whereas they do not contain them at the origin. This is one of the reasons why new rules are created. They will apply for new products coming on the market from 1 July 2019.

Prohibited claims

The Observatoire des cosmetics has listed the mentions "without" proscribed from this July 1st.

  • the prohibited ingredients : the Observatory takes the example of "Without corticosteroids". Indeed, the absence of the substance in the product is normal since it is proscribed in cosmetics
  • Ingredients whose presence can not be fully proven: "Without allergens" for example, because to guarantee the absence of all allergic reactions is not possible
  • ingredients that are not not present in the composition of the product: "Sulfate free" on hair masks for example or "Without preservatives" on perfumes that contain alcohol and have no de facto need for other preservatives
  • the "without" with ingredients that serve many things in a product. for example "without Conservative agent" while the product contains somealcohol, who is a conservative

Authorized claims

If the mention "without" are useful for understanding of the consumer and if it allowsestablish transparency in terms of the composition of the product, it is authorized. "If it is not the main argument of the communication, but provides the consumer with additional information", complete the Advertising Regulatory Authority for Advertising (ARPP). For example, registration "Without ingredients derived from animals" may be indicated to inform the vegan people.

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