You are petite? Good looks to adopt after 50 years

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You are petite? Good looks to adopt after 50 years

When we are small, the goal is to ... grow! So escape the androgynous looks and tight clothing that only emphasize that you're skinny. To restore volume to your silhouette, opt for flexible pieces. This does not mean that you have to drown in loose clothes! Make the right choices:

Veiled tops, ruffled shirts ...

We put on vaporous tops with floral prints for example - still very trendy this season - or colorful. Shirts with ruffles, lavalier or even big stripes will be perfect for your morphology! Another tip for the summer: tie your shirt in the middle, at the waist, to give an impression of volume. With these options, do not wear loose clothing at the bottom, but rather close-fitting pants or a straight skirt to have a well-rounded silhouette. The outfits that work: a blouse with puffed sleeves and white ankle pants. Or an ample tee-shirt with geometric patterns on a skirt close to the body.

And downstairs ?

Opt for a flared skirt, pleated or an asymmetrical shape. And as you can afford everything, dare the awesome prints and colors. Side pants, the model pliers will give you the scale and bootcut jeans will be a perfect ally with its wide form of thighs calves. Take advantage of the blow a top that marries more forms and highlights your cleavage. Do not hesitate to wear the appropriate undersides to enhance your (small) chest, like the push-up. Two looks that blend well: the panties skirt with a t-shirt, or high-waisted fluid pants with a top that emphasizes the shapes.

The dresses, which feminize the silhouette, will also be perfect for your morphology. So dare pleats, wrap dresses, flared models, drapes ... The striped pieces, colorful, those that mark the waist with gathers or dress shirts knotted at the waist will be perfect for you to take the extent.

Do not forget also the accessories: a scarf newsboy around the neck or used like belt on trousers. An accumulation of bracelets will dress nicely on your thin wrist. Finally, the flat shoes will be perfect and will bring you the desired effect because it is necessary to avoid refining the silhouette with heels too high.

Thin, you must avoid

- V necklines too deep

- vertical stripes

- long jumpers

Thanks to Marie Laure Demoor pap market chief at Balsamik

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