Zara: 10 new cannons less than 20 € (to shop urgently!)

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Zara: 10 new cannons less than 20 € (to shop urgently!)

New season, new co and especially sun that begins to point the tip of his nose: to us pretty summer parties who come to register in the fashion trends spring-summer 2019 ! And in this regard, the Spanish giant has the resource and what to fill the most fashionable fashion models with more than ever in the air.

>> Zara: all the new guns at less than 20 €

Zara: fashion trends spring-summer 2019

What's new in the ready-to-wear department? More than ever long dresses, but also length midi in fresh colors and patterns always so cute : peas, graphic stripes but also pretty flowers and other fruity prints. It feels good summer!
We also like long skirts or shorter in fluid materials to mix with ankle boots or dad shoes, sneakers tend to draw without moderation.
Small high side, Blouses and shirts are there to serve you sometimes in arched cuts, sometimes oversized to marry all morphologies.
De rigueur also, the small sweaters on the skin, long or short sleeves in openwork versions, to fit in his jeans or his stylish skirt.
Side spring-summer 2019 accessories, we play it fun and colorful: small pineapple earrings in stones or a nice pair of tart shoes? We have fun!

When the weather comes, we also allow ourselves shopping bag in natural color. Not to mention the pretty scarf to tie in the hair or to twist around his bag and everything is played!
And all that, at a very low price ... There is more than enough!

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